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Hard beard shaving fluid – DermoFluide

Hard beard shaving fluid – DermoFluide

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Shaving fluid Hardbeard with essential oils without menthol. Special for difficult shaving, a hard beard or very sensitive skin. Avoid cuts and ingrown hairs. Comfortable and economical: a few drops are enough.
Capacity: 30 ml

A real 2 in 1 care for people with a hard beard or fragile skin prone to "razor burn". The MENTHOL-FREE Shaving and After-Shaving Fluid formula combines the shaving product capabilities of Menthol Fluid with After-Shaving effects to provide ever softer skin with a freshness effect that lasts several hours after shaving. This water-soluble and non-foaming concentrate (does not mask the areas to be shaved) with strong lubricating capacities, allows a very close shave without irritation, while leaving a real after-shave effect.

Practical with its drip, it is very comfortable and economical (3 to 5 months of shaving every day, about 5 times more than a traditional shaving product) and reduces wear on the razor blades.

Product recommended by Vidal 2018 dermatologists

Tips for use
Moisten your hands and face with warm water. Put 3 to 4 drops of Dermo Fluid in the palm of your hand and distribute the fluid by massaging the areas to be shaved evenly. Shave as usual. Rewet the areas to be shaved to reactivate the fluid and increase glide. Once shaving is done, there is no need to use an aftershave. DermoFluid leaves a protective and moisturizing film on your skin.